The hiring out of specialists and managers with know-how for your company!

Benefit from our know-how. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your advantages:
 highly motivated employees / continuous support
Short-term settlement of additional orders
-Compensation for seasonal, holiday and disease-related bottlenecks
-Simple transfer option
-Discharge of the core workforce
-Planning reliability


recruitment agency

We are looking for the right employee for your company. From the resulting vacancy to the drafting of the contract, we are at your side. Our work begins with the job description and the jointly developed job profile. After careful examination of the candidates, you will receive a clear selection of potential applicants who meet your special requirements.

Your advantages:
-Less stress and more time
-The opportunity to concentrate on your core business
-Clearly calculable costs due to lower administrative costs



In the case of a contract for work and services, Tekfor Services takes over complete processes within production, logistics or facility and fluid management directly at your site, regardless of industry.

Your advantages:
-Clearly calculable costs
-lower administrative costs
-Concentration on your core business
-Relief for the specialist departments